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Sister Rose DiFluri, IHM retires after decades in Catholic education

As Sister Rose stepped into the new chapter of her life, she carried with her not just memories of her years in education, but the countless lives she had touched and transformed.
Sister wearing a banner smiling and waving
Congratulations, Sister Rose!

For decades, the halls of Catholic schools resonated with the wisdom, dedication, and warm-heartedness of Sister Rose DiFluri, IHM. Her recent retirement from her role as assistant superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Camden marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of passion and advocacy that had transformed countless lives.

Colleagues and friends alike fondly recalled Sr. DiFluri as a remarkable woman, a blend of gifted intelligence and compassionate soul. Her dedication to the cause of Catholic education was matched only by her quick wit and a humor that could light up any room. With a heart full of love for her students and a deep commitment to her faith, she had not just worked in Catholic education; she had breathed life into it.

“Remember a wonderful teacher that you have had somewhere along the way in your life, someone who spoke the Word of God to you by his or her teaching, and give thanks to God for that person.”

Sister Rose DiFluri, IHM
Two smiling sisters in a pew
IHM Sisters Rose DiFluri and Ruth Harkins have been friends for more than 30 years.

One of her closest companions over the years was Sister Ruth Harkins, IHM. Their friendship had blossomed back in 1988 when they were stationed together at Bishop Grimes High School in Syracuse, NY. Sister Rose, held the position of principal, while Sister Ruth guided young minds as a social studies teacher.

The two might have come from different backgrounds, but they shared a common thread as IHM sisters – an unshakable devotion to the betterment of their students and the fostering of a strong, faith-driven educational environment. Sister Rose’s fierce advocacy for Catholic schools resonated deeply with Sister Ruth, and a friendship was forged that would withstand the tests of time.

Their days at Bishop Grimes were a tapestry of shared triumphs and challenges. Sister Rose’s leadership was characterized by her straightforward approach, blending guidance with a sprinkle of her trademark humor. Through turbulent times and joyous celebrations, the duo navigated the educational landscape together, leaving an indelible mark on the lives they touched.

Sister Rose’s leadership was instrumental in steering the school towards academic excellence, but it was her compassionate nature that truly set her apart. Students confided in her, seeking solace and guidance in her gentle presence. Many students found comfort in her open-door policy, knowing that behind that office door was not just a seasoned educator, but a caring friend who would listen and offer counsel without judgment.

As the years flowed on, Sister Rose’s influence expanded beyond the confines of Bishop Grimes. Her dedication caught the attention of the Diocese of Camden, where she assumed the role of assistant superintendent of Catholic Schools. Here, her advocacy for Catholic education reached new heights. She worked tirelessly, challenging the status quo, and championing the cause with an unwavering zeal.

Throughout it all, her friendship with Sister Ruth remained a steadfast beacon. Their bond was a testament to the power of shared dreams, mutual respect, and the unbreakable connections formed in the service of something greater than themselves.

As the news of Sister Rose’s retirement spread, accolades poured in, painting a picture of a woman whose legacy would continue to shape generations to come. Her journey had been one of dedication, resilience, and genuine care for others. It was a journey marked by laughter, shared purpose, and the unbreakable bond of friendship.

As Sister Rose stepped into the new chapter of her life, she carried with her not just memories of her years in education, but the countless lives she had touched and transformed. And by her side stood Sister Ruth, a friend for the ages, a reminder that the best of journeys is not traveled alone.

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