Justice Outreach Advocacy

The IHM Committee of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) affirms that justice is an essential element in the Gospel message and in one whose heart is truly rooted in God.

Responding to the movement of Spirit as manifested in our IHM Chapter documents, Core Values, Vision Statement, and Constitutions, and echoed through the International Union of General Superiors (2010), we ask the question and attempt to live into the mystery of the shift of consciousness that is needed for the life of the world. This shift involves a deepening awareness of the mysticism of our call as women religious and the prophetic stance to which it calls us.

The goal is to journey deeper, encountering communion with the Holy One and all that is, which in turn enables us to “see the world with the eyes of God and live in the world with the heart of Jesus.” Justice becomes the way of life.


Our efforts are often in concert with many local and national organizations. Here are a few links that you can use for your own advocacy efforts.