Ways to Discern

Sister Elizabeth at her profession
Sisters Katie, Elizabeth and Monsignor Banick

We believe that religious life is a permanent, public commitment to an expression of the mystery of God in our world, which we choose to live out in the context of a particular religious congregation. Through the mystery of our call to religious life, we are invited into an intimate relationship with a loving God and become passionately involved in God’s mission.

Our life together as IHM sisters is an intentional, communal expression of our belief in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and of our vowed commitment to share in his redemptive mission.

The process of initial incorporation gradually introduces you into the Congregation’s life, prayer, community and ministry. We welcome women of human and Christian maturity who desire to share our IHM vision and participate in our mission of love. We value the unique gifts they offer to the Congregation and to the people of God. We strive to provide a thorough and enriching preparation for a well-informed, free commitment to a life of zealous ministry with and for God’s people.

Pre-Admission Phase

Sister Kieran Williams, Director of Vocations for the Sisters of IHM Congregation, Scranton.
Sister Kieran Williams, Director of Vocations

Initial Dialogue

When you express an interest in entering the Congregation, you meet with the Director of Vocations over a period of time. This allows the director to get to know you and gives you an opportunity to explore the life of the community and to observe the spirit and charism as it is lived among the sisters. Through this period of dialogue, you and the Vocation Director look for a good fit with the IHM sisters.

Affiliate Process

The affiliate phase is a more direct step toward entrance. When you enter this next phase, you meet with the Vocation Director on a regular basis and work with a sister mentor. During this time, you and the Vocation Director continue to explore your desires, talents, and skills to make sure they are a good fit with IHM. It is a time of mutual discernment. When both determine that you are sufficiently ready, you begin the process of application for candidacy.

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