Sponsored & Co-sponsored Ministries

Folks gathered around balloons and a ribbon being cut with large scissors
Sister Maryalice Jacquinot at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- St. Josephs Center.

Throughout our history, the works of our sponsored and co-sponsored ministries have mirrored our IHM call to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all we encounter.

Each ministry carries its own unique mission and values, but all are rooted in the Gospel call to serve all God’s holy people.

Sponsored Ministries

Co-sponsored Ministries

About IHM Sponsorship

We, the Sisters of IHM view and structure the ministry of sponsorship as a formal relationship between the IHM Congregation and four Catholic entities: Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania; Our Lady of Grace Montessori School, Manhasset, New York; Saint Joseph’s Center, Scranton, Pennsylvania; Friends of the Poor, Scranton, Pennsylvania; and three co-sponsored entities: Mother Seton Academy, Baltimore, Maryland; Nativity Miguel School, Scranton, Pennsylvania; and the African Sisters Educational Collaborative, (ASEC) Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Sponsorship differs from ownership in that each of the sponsored ministries is separately incorporated as a public charitable corporation (often referred to as a 501(C)(3).  The ministries allow the IHM Congregation to carry out its mission through a relationship that is mission-driven, collaborative, and accountable.  The charism, core values, and mission of the Congregation flow through our sponsored institutions both now and into the future.

A black and white photo of four Sisters with traveling bags smiling for a posed photo in front of Marywood University
The first four sisters sent to mission in Peru in 1965

Through the presence of hundreds of sisters who serve and have served in these sponsored institutions, the IHM story of hope and vitality has been proclaimed through works of justice, peace, liberation, and love.  Through these ministries, the IHM sisters manifest special concern, service, and advocacy for the economically poor and spiritually neglected.