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We Have Not Forgotten

IHM Sisters commemorate 9/11 with prayer and remembrance.

On the evening of September 11, 22 years ago the parking lot at the Manhasset, Long Island train station was filled with many unclaimed cars. Their owners would never drive them to the station again. The community of Manhasset and the surrounding east coast region were devastated by the loss of hundreds of friends and family members when the Twin Towers were attacked.

On the evening of 9/11 this year, dozens of police and firemen and women, and representatives from many Christian, Jewish and Moslem faiths gathered to pray with community members in the Church of St. Mary’s. Their number included the IHM sisters stationed at St. Mary’s: Sisters Elizabeth Wallace, Sandra McMahon, Teresa Raftery and Constance Wilt along with Sister Ancilla Maloney who has been visiting.

Stations of the Cross

Sister Sandra had received a gift of a set of Stations of the Cross depicting scenes from 9/11 from newspapers during that time. Sister arranged the Stations on the altar during the week to hold in prayer and remembrance all those who suffer still from the horror of that day. She also had several other photos, articles and a particularly poignant drawing by a young person who had been asked to draw a picture of what had happened that day—it depicted dozens of souls rising into the wide open arms of Jesus. They will never be forgotten.

Sister Sandy McMahon with 9/11 remembrance photo and American flag display

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