Prayer during a Pandemic

Join the Sisters of IHM in prayer during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sister Mindy Welding Interview

View Sister Mindy's interview with A Nun's Life Ministry

Christmas in the Andes

by Ancilla Maloney, IHM

Called to Be a Community of Disciples

Our Ever-Evolving Understanding of IHM Charism, Community and Communal Life

IHM Forward Weekend Review

IHM Forward, (sisters aged 68 and under), gathered the weekend of October 4 - 6, 2019 at the IHM Center

Mother Seton Academy Gym Nearing Completion

Construction of Mother Seton Academy Gym Nearing Completion

Groundbreaking Held for Mother Mary Lange Catholic School

The Sisters of IHM from Scranton and Immaculata joined the Oblate Sisters of Providence for the breaking of the ground on the Mother Mary Lange Catholic School in Baltimore, MD.

Weaving Cultures—Entrelazando Culturas

Our congregation sent four sisters: Sisters Mary Ellen Higgins, Giovana Fuentes Bendivez, Elvia Mata Ortega and Mary Elaine Anderson to MACC in San Antonio, Texas.

Protesting Inhumane Treatment

IHM Sisters join more that 400 justice seekers to protest the inhumane treatment and detention of children and families at the U.S. southern border.

Marywood University Board of Trustees Meets

MU Board gathers

Sister Liz McGill Received into IHM Novitiate

Liz McGill was received into the IHM Novitiate at a ceremony held at the IHM Center on September 8, 2019.

Mission Circle Plants Trees in Memory of Members

Great Spirit Mission Circle Plants Trees in Memory of Deceased Members

Statement on the Death Penalty

We are committed to act in solidarity with all God’s people and declare our opposition to the use of the death penalty as a means of punishment for human persons.

IHM Jubilarians Celebrated

IHM Jubilarians Were Celebrated on July 28, 2019

190th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Oblate Sisters of Providence

190th Anniversary Still Standing Under God's Mantle of Providence

IHM Sisters Bid Fond Farewell to Little Sisters of the Poor

On behalf of the IHM Leadership Team and the IHM Center sisters, a dinner was held on June 18, 2019 in honor of the Little Sisters of the Poor who will be leaving Holy Family Residence in the near future.

IHM EEI Supports Students in Kenya with Book Donation

Sister Rose Marie Mozzachio, director of the IHM Educational Enrichment Institute, donated books to St. Francis Training College in Nyamonge, Kenya.

Sensitizing Ourselves to Unconscious Racial

Forty-three members of the Oblate Sisters of Providence and the three IHM Congregations met at Mount Providence Motherhouse in Baltimore for the 2019 OSP IHM Healing Racism Workshop.

A Nun's Life Podcast with Sister Mindy Welding, IHM

Listen to a podcast at A Nuns Life with Sister Mindy Welding, IHM:

IHM Heritage Celebrated at Little Flower

On Friday May 10, 2019, students at Little Flower School in Bethesda, MD presented an evening of the arts with the theme "Our IHM Heritage."

IHM Congregation Statement on the Sanctity of Life

We, Sisters of IHM, embrace our call to protect, nurture, and hold sacred all life, especially the most vulnerable in our beautiful yet wounded world...

Sisters-to-Sisters, Scranton-to-Syria

Sisters-to-Sisters, Scranton-to-Syria Update

Nesting Boxes and Birding 101

The IHM EarthCARE Committee has initiated the erection of eight nesting boxes.


Blessing of Hands

IHM employees and sisters participated in a prayer and ritual blessing of hands. 

In support of our sisters and brothers in Muslim communities in New Zealand and around the world

The Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA, extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to the people of New Zealand.

Marywood University to Purchase Holy Family Residence

Sister Mary Persico IHM, Marywood University President, announced that Marywood University has signed an asset purchase agreement with the Little Sisters of the Poor to buy The Holy Family Residence.

Mission Trip Reflection

Students traveled from Holy Names Academy in Tampa, FL travel to Scranton, PA on a mission trip.


Gathering of IHMs Held in Pikesville, MD

On March 1-3, IHM Sisters gathered at the Holy Trinity Spiritual Center in Pikesville, MD for a weekend of prayer and sharing.

Update on Haiti and the Little Sisters of St. Therese

Thousands of Haitians have taken their frustration to the streets over skyrocketing prices, inflation, devaluation of the gourde and government corruption.

IHM Sister Participates in World Youth Day

Sister Norma's reflection on her trip in January, to Panama, for World Youth Day .

Weaving Cultures / Entrelazando Culturas

A few months after Chapter 2018, our congregation became aware of a program being offered by the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) to international congregations of women religious who were intentionally responding to the growing cultural and intergenerational diversity of their members.

The IHM Mission in Sicuani is Rooted in Love

The IHM mission in Sicuani is rooted in unconditional love. Sisters Ancilla, Eileen and Norma beautifully display unconditional love to everyone they encounter.

IHM Sisters Serve at the Border

Sisters Kieran Williams, Donna Korba, Mary Elaine Anderson and Mary Ellen Higgins were privileged to serve on the border in El Paso from December 14 to December 21, 2018.

Christmas Postcard Immigration Advocacy

As U.S. citizens...

McCarty Hall Becomes Home for Annunciation Community

In June of 2018, Sister Ellen Maroney announced that the site of the new formation house would be McCarty Hall, the brick building on Marywood’s campus at the corner of College Avenue and Gillet Lane.

Members of Advisory Board Elected

Ten IHM Sisters have been elected to the newly created Advisory Board.

Imagining the Way Forward Cohorts Meet in Washington, DC

Members of both cohorts expressed deep gratitude for the unique opportunity this ITWF program has offered them individually and communally for the life of the IHM Congregation and the world.

Giving Tuesday, November 27

The Sisters of IHM invite you to help us by making a donation on #GIVINGTUESDAY, November 27, so we can accomplish great things in God's name.

IHM Congregation's Response to Killings in Pittsburgh

We, Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary...

Members of Leadership Team Travel to Chicago

On October 15 after canceled flights, delays, and the availability of only four plane seats from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, Sisters Terri, Ellen, Nancy and Mary traveled to Chicago to meet with our Sisters of St. Casimir.

Remembering Our IHM Sister Angela Miller

The Sisters of IHM are deeply grieved at the horrific and heartbreaking situation which took the lives of our Sister Angela Miller, her sister, Rose Smith, our employee at the IHM Center for seventeen years, and her son, Alan on April 28, 2018. n Sunday, May 20, 2018 a memorial prayer was held for Sister Angela Miller, IHM and her sister, Rosemary Smith at the IHM Center in Scranton. 

From Limestone to Granite

The statue of the Sacred Heart by the Science Building on Marywood University's beautiful campus, which was originally made limestone and has, over the years, deteriorated

Sisters Host Associates for Crab Fest!

St. John the Evangelist Convent, Silver Spring, recently hosted their IHM associates for the first get-together of the year.

EWTN to Produce Documentary on Life of Mother Maria Kaupas, SSC

EWTN is producing a 30-minute documentary on Mother Maria Kaupas and Mount Carmel (the first mission of the Sisters of St. Casimir in 1908) and the Mother Maria Kaupas Center will be included.

Little Sister from Haiti Visits IHMs

On her recent visit to the United States, Sister Denise, of the Little Sisters from Haiti, took the time to come to Scranton to visit her IHM friends.

IHM Direction Statement 2018 – 2022

We, Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, rooted in God and the Gospel...

Welcoming Giovana to the IHM Novitiate

On the evening of September 20, 2018, in the presence of IHM sisters gathered in Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel at the IHM Center and also connected via u-stream, Sister Ellen Maroney welcomed Giovana Fuentes Bendivez into the novitiate of the IHM Congregation.

Sisters of St. Casimir Celebrate 111th Anniversary

The Sisters of St. Casimir Celebrate their 111th Anniversary and the Blessing of Legacy Space on August 25, 2018.

OSPIHM Governing Board Meets

The members of the OSP IHM Governing Board met September 24 and  25, 2018, at Immaculata for their annual meeting.

Elizabeth McGill Enters IHM Congregation

During the ceremony and prayer on March 20 to welcome Elizabeth McGill as a candidate in the IHM Congegation, Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM President, and Liz exchange sincere and hope-filled prayers.

IHM Leadership Team Ready to Serve

At the IHM Chapter of Elections held at the IHM Center in the Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel on July 13, 2018, five members were elected to the new leadership team.

Sister Elizabeth DeMerchant Professes First Vows

On Saturday, July 28, in the presence of her family, IHM Sisters and friends, Elizabeth Ann professed temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as an IHM Sister and committed her life to God and to the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Friendship Garden

Correspondence between Mother Cyril Conway, IHM & Mother Maria Kaupas, SSC

OSPIHM Healing Racism Committee Meets

The OSPIHM Healing Racism Committee met at the Monroe Motherhouse, June 8-10, 2018.

IHMs Teach for HESA

Sisters Margaret Gannon and Kathleen Burns are teaching their seventh cohort of African sisters in the Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA) Program, a part of the African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC).

IHM-SSC Covenant Promulgated

The Sisters of IHM and the Sisters of St. Casimir promulgated their covenant relationship at a ceremony and prayer held at the IHM Center on July 8, 2018.

Statement Opposing Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

We, Sisters of IHM, Scranton, PA, support the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ statement that separating children from their mothers and fathers at the United States/Mexico border is immoral. Recognizing the inherent dignity of every human being and protecting the integrity of families are fundamental tenets of our faith. They are foundational for a healthy and just society.

OLP Sisters Volunteer at Saint Joseph's Center

Several IHM Sisters who reside at Our Lady of Peace Residence volunteer their time and talent with clients from Saint Joseph's Center Adult Day Program.

New Book Available by Sister Margaret Gannon, IHM

Pilgrim - Let Your Heart Be Bold Mother Theresa Maxis Duchemin, IHM

by Sister Margaret Gannon, IHM

IHM Congregation Response to Immigration Ban

As Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, we are compelled by the Gospel and by our IHM legacy to declare our solidarity with those in need.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Our Lady of Peace Residence

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Our Lady of Peace Residence

IHM Novice and Candidates Participated in Inter-Community Formation Program

IHM Novice and Candidates Participated in  the Inter-Community Formation Program on April 21-22, 2018, in Wappinger’s Falls, NY

New Book: However Long the Night: Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis

Sister Annmarie Sanders, IHM edited a book just released by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) However Long the Night: Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis, that chronicles what the organization learned as it went through a six-year doctrinal investigation by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

Welcoming Center and Land Restoration Dedication Held

After years of planning and commitment on the part of many sisters, friends, and professional advisors, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary dedicated the Welcoming Space at the IHM Center on Thursday evening, April 19, 2018.

National Catholic Sisters Week and IHM Side-by-Side Day

National Catholic Sisters Week is intended to broaden awareness of Catholic sisters, whose lives and ministries often remain behind the scenes. The hope is that those who learn more about women religious will be inspired and compelled to engage in self-reflection, service and simple acts of kindness. We also envision an outcome in which more young women consider religious life because they have been exposed to it through a personal relationship.

Holy Names Academy "Missionaries" Give Service with IHM Ministries

Serving the people of Scranton, Pennsylvania, for the fourth year, fifteen missionaries continued our Academy of the Holy Names’ legacy of impacting communities and bettering the lives of people.

IHMs Participate in March for Our Lives

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 students, families, and friends of March for Our Lives took to the streets in Washington, DC and numerous other cities across the country, including Scranton, to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and to plead for an end to the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings that plague our nation. On Friday, March 23, St. Luke's Episcopal Church hosted an interfaith prayer vigil for the greater Scranton community. Led by students and faith leaders from many traditions, the service focused on the magnitude of gun violence including mass shootings, gun suicide, and related traumas. In prayer and song the service offered an opportunity for lament, remembrance, healing and hope for the people of the Scranton area and for the country. Various IHM Sisters served on the planning committees for these two events and many others participated in the events.

IHM Congregation Welcomes New Candidate

With great joy, Sister Ellen Maroney announces that Miss Elizabeth “Liz” McGill, a graduate of Marywood University, has been accepted into the IHM Candidacy Program.

MMKC Board Members Meet with IHM Leadership

Several board members of the Mother Maria Kaupas Center (MMKC) in Mt. Carmel, PA, visited the IHM Sisters and Marywood University on March 1. Sister Jane Snyder provided a tour of the Learning Commons, Rotunda, and Chapel.

From Capacmarca to Quiñota, Peru

by Sister Ancilla Maloney, IHM


Sister Michel Keenan Publishes History of Marian Convent

Sister Michel Keenan Publishes History of Marian Convent

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of IHM Presence in Sicuani, Peru

Twenty-five years to celebrate IHM presence in Sicuani, Peru—and we never knew the whole of it!

IHM Response to DACA Action

As Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, we follow the gospel call to cultivate a welcoming heart toward all people, especially those most vulnerable and in need among us.

IHM Leadership Team's Statements on Crisis with N. Korea and Racism

Love is more powerful than fear...

New Book Available by Sr Michel Keenan, IHM

Sister Michel Keenan recently published the story of St. Joseph’s/Marian Community Hospital, Carbondale, PA.

New Book on IHM History Published

New Book on IHM History Published by Sister Michel Keenan, IHM


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