IHM Reflections


simple beautyDaily Reflections for Lent and Easter

The words and art contained in Simple Beauty reflect the prayer of fifteen IHM Sisters and friends. Join us in prayer during Lent and Easter.

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blessed motherDaily Reflections for Advent

We invite you to pray with us throughout Advent and Christmas. Each of our eleven writers has contributed four reflections for this book. The pages that follow reflect their prayer, and their writings offer diverse and creative ways in which we can enter more deeply into this sacred time. Their suggestions for action can provide us with ways to reach out to others who are in need—in our families, communities, church, and world.

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Spiritual Reflections by IHM Sisters and Friends

Read more about the needs of the world to which IHM sisters are attending and some of our reflections on what God is saying to us today about these needs and our responses.