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“Happy to share in her good works”

Rose Marie Amico shares why she gives to the Sisters of IHM.

Rose Marie Amico has been a frequent and generous donor to the IHM Sisters over the years, with a particular focus on work being done by the Sisters in Sicuani, Peru. Here is her story of why she gives:

Rose Marie Amico, Sister Joan Milot, Sister Eileen Egan
Rose Marie Amico (left) and Sister Eileen Egan (right) visiting Sister Joan Milot (center) in New Hampshire. Sister Joan, who has now transferred to contemplative life, also has been supportive of the Sisters’ work in Sicuani.

“Sister Eileen Eagan (an IHM Sister who has worked for many years in the Andes Mountains of Peru) and I first met when we both entered the convent at Marywood in September 1959. I was a member of the IHM Band of 1959 until I left at the end of our temporary vows in 1962. I met Sister Eileen again in Philadelphia in 1979 when we both attended a Mass led by Pope John Paul II. We have kept in touch ever since. Sister would tell me stories of how poor people were in Peru. At Christmas, the Sisters would serve all the children sweet bread and hot chocolate after mass, and I began to send her donations to share in her charities.

Sister told me of the two young children she had adopted — Rufina and Victor — and I began to send her a monthly check to help support them. With Sister’s help, Victor continued his education and graduated from Marywood. He lives in the U.S. with his wife and two children. Rufina had a very difficult childhood but she went on to marry and have six children.

Years ago, Sister told me that Rufina would burn their wooden furniture, including the beds, for firewood to cook a family meal. Sister wanted to purchase metal beds for the children. I asked a friend of mine to share the cost with me, and we sent her the money. Sister also purchased a small propane gas stove for Rufina and we see that she always has fuel for the stove. So, my monthly checks are used to help Rulfina and support the many things that Sister does to help people in terrible situations.

I feel like she is doing a wonderful job and, in a small way, I am helping her. I am happy to share in her good works.

Sister is a joyful, spiritual person who sees the good in everybody and seems to find a solution for everything. She sees a problem, and she knows how to fix it! And you don’t think of her as being in her 80s. I have a personal connection with her, and I understand and fully appreciate everything she’s doing. She is amazing. There’s no question about it.”

If you have a story you would like to share about why you choose to give to the IHM Sisters, please contact Sister Ann Monica at

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