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Meet the Neighbors

Welcome! Welcome, kin!

Dawn is our time.
Heavens swell
with cheep and trill and warble.
Birdsong you say,
but long to read the notes.
Hue and region name us:
Northern Cardinal, Red Winged
Blackbird, Eastern Phoebe.
And sideways climber, White
Breasted Nuthatch.

Mud and damp and marsh:
Home to us and our tribe.
In sun, we bask.
In reeds, conceal.
In knots, congregate.

White tailed deer:
Spindly legs
and ears alert,
we graze, secure.
Within these woods
and grassy plains,
we sense what peace can be
and gather, absent fear.

Welcome! Welcome, kin!
Please live in praise among

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