Vocation Stories

Sr. Mary Kay Faliskie, IHM
"To believe is to liberate into the whole world the deepest reality of love's potential"

Sr. Ann Parker, IHM
“Come, follow me”

Sr. Dorothy A. Haney, IHM

Sr. Catherine Sitja y Balbastro, IHM

Sr. Elvia Mata Ortega

Sr. Elsa Eckenrode, IHM

Sr. Lisa Perkowski, IHM

Sr. Rachel Terry, IHM

Sr. Susan Brown, IHM

Sr. Ancilla Maloney, IHM
"Going where the life is"

Sr. Eileen Egan, IHM

Sr. Kathleen Lunsmann, IHM

Sr. de Montfort Babb, IHM
"A 'calling' indeed!"

Sr. M. Alphonsa Concilio, IHM
Come and See

Sr. Maryla Farfour, IHM

Sr. Mary Pio Ferrario, IHM

Sr. Carrie Elizabeth Flood, IHM
“Whatsoever You Do”

Sr. Patricia Hauser, IHM

Sr. Maryalice Jaquinot, IHM
"It is often said that a vocation to the religious life is both gift and mystery."

Sr. Maria Rose Kelly, IHM

Sr. Angela Kim, IHM

Sr. Mary Ann Lang, IHM

Sr. Denise Montagne, IHM
Story of My Vocation with the IHMs in Scranton, PA

Sr. Jacquelin Servick, IHM
A Simple Question

Sr. Angela Mary Parker, IHM

Sr. Miriam Joseph Reinhardt, IHM
An Unlikely Sister

Sr. Maureen Schrimpe, IHM
Sharing my story

Sr. Lila Marie Sciabica, IHM
Our good God has held me in the palm of His hand through many joys

Sr. Redempta Sweeney, IHM

Sr. Mindy Welding, IHM

Sr. Regina Marie Wilson, IHM
“The gift you have received, give as a gift!”