2014 IHM Jubilarians

Eighty-Five Year Jubilarian
Sister Francis Gabriel Lenihan

Eighty Year Jubilarian
Sister M. Eunice Corcoran

Seventy-Five Year Jubilarian

Sister Elizabeth Grace

Seventy Year Jubilarians

Back: Sister Ellen Maroney (president)
L-R seated: Sisters M. Melissa Hester and M. Jeannine Parry
Not pictured: Sisters Marianne Addy and M. Francine Connolly

Sixty Year Jubilarians

L-R front: Sisters M. Anselm McShea, Kathleen Lannak, Marie Elise Regan, M. Pauline Kelly, Mary Lambert Rossi, M. Barbara D’Auria
L-R back: Joan M. Bastress, M. Alphonsa Concilio, M. Annellen Kelly, Beverly Hmel, Ellen Maroney (president), Jeanne Albrittain, and M. de Montfort Babb

Fifty Year Jubilarians

L-R front: Sisters Mary Reap, Madeline Swaboski, Anne Munley, and Beatrice Caulson
L-R back: Sisters Ann Grayeski, Marilyn Grosselfinger, Ellen Maroney (president), Angela Miller, and Richard Mary Peters. Not pictured: Sisters Madonna Marie Lenikus and Agnes Panik

Twenty-Five Year Jubilarians

Back: Sister Kathleen Lunsmann 
L-R Sister Ellen Maroney (president), and Sister Rosemarie Gregorio