Jubilee 2011


The Sisters of IHM of Scranton, PA, gathered July 29-31 2011 to dialogue on issues important to them and to celebrate their sisterhood.


2011 Jubilarians

Seventy-Five Year Jubilarian

Sister Marylyn Harding

Seventy Year Jubilarians

Sister M. Selina Malone

Sister M. Daria McGinn

Sister M. Francella Shaughnessy

Sixty Year Jubilarians

60 year Jubilarians
L to R Front: Sisters M. Celeste Parry, Theresa Ann McElroy, Louise Connolly, Jean Conaty, and M. Tarcisius Tasselli
L to R Back: Sisters Theresa Thayer, M. Gracette Baker, Jane Meehan, M. Marguerita Carbone, Janice Heisey, Mary Mark Lowery, and Therese O'Rourke (President)
Not Pictured: Sisters M. Beatrix Cawley, Moira Murray, Mary Edith Opferman, Joan Paskert

Fifty Year Jubilarians
50 year Jubilarians

L to R Front: Sisters Marion Tarone, Babette Opferman, Jean Louise Bachetti, and Josephine Cioffi
L to R Back: Sisters Therese O'Rourke (President), Eileen Egan, Helene Hicks, M. Carlita Bird, Dolores M. Banick, Sue Ann Steves, Ann Parker, M. Myra Gilbart, M. Anitra Nemotko, Anne Mary Smith, Jane Ellis, M. Rosella Salvato, Mary Alice Kane, Margaret Burke, M. Ancilla Maloney
Not Pictured: Joan Katoski

Twenty-Five Year Jubilarians

25 year Jubilarians

L- R: Sisters Kelly Ann Quinn, Minette Susan Welding, Therese O'Rourke (President) and Theresa Jordan  Not Pictured: Sister Karen Marie Steinberg