Jubilee 2013


Celebrating Our 2013 Jubilarians!


Seventy Year Jubilarians
70th Jubilarians
L-R back: Sisters Lenore McAllister, Therese O’Rourke (President)
L-R front: Sisters Antoinette Bosak, Romaine Krug, Franceline Krug, Ave Maria Foley, Priscilla Koblarchik. Not pictured: Sister Jean Toolan

Sixty Year Jubilarians
60th Jubilarians
L-R back: Sisters Therese O’Rourke (President), Dorothy Haney, Gloria Frank, Mercille
Schneider, Theresa Fitzgerald, Francis Regis Vagt, Carleen Boehlert, Mary Frances Ambs, Mary Rassley, Maureen Cryan, Jamesella Mawhinney, Anysia Donohue, Maria del Rey Shevlin
L-R front: Sisters Mary Joy O’Neill, Mary Edward Loftus, St. Kenneth Polley, Mary Jane Maloney, Patricia Woll. Not pictured: Josaire Brady, Salvator Cramer, Anine Hopkins, and Agnes Shaw

Fifty Year Jubilarians
50th Jubilarians
L-R back: Sisters Maria Rose Kelly, Felicia Parise, Marianne Knight, Miriam Joseph
Reinhardt, Dolores Dunn, Eileen Mary Coleman, Mary Ann Adams
L-R front: Sisters Jane Mary Duke, Jo Ann Trama, Therese O’Rourke (President), Kathleen Steck, Jane Frances Dunnigan. Not pictured: Sisters Agnes Mary Devitt, Grace Madeline Dusch, Theresa Petz

Twenty-Five Year Jubilarians
25th Jubilarians
L-R: Sisters Angela Kim, Lila Sciabica and Therese O'Rourke (President)