Jubilee 2012


2012 Jubilarians

Seventy-Five Year Jubilarians

Sister M. Gillet Beach

Sister M. Virgilis Smith

Seventy Year Jubilarians
70 year Jubilarians-2012
L to R: Sisters Marionette Coll, Daniela McCarthy, Lisbeth Hartnett, Margaret Clarke and Therese O’Rourke (President)
Not pictured: Sister Laurentia Mayan

Sixty Year Jubilarians
60 year Jubilarians

L to R Front: Sisters Mary Howard Krotzer, Michlyn Grella, Mary Hugh Placilla, Jacquelin Servick, MariaGoretti Timperio, and St. Mel Wright
L to R Back: Sisters Therese O’Rourke (President), Gilmary Speirs, Francis Xavier Grieb, Geraldine Marie Dranginis.
Not pictured: Sisters Mary Elizabeth Costello, Francis Borgia O’Donnell, and Jeanne Tubach

Fifty Year Jubilarians
50 year Jubilarians

L to R Front:Frances E. Russell, Barbara Jablonski, Florence Ann Marino, Janet Rossiter, Patricia Tippen, Anna Tantsits, Mary Pio Ferrario
L to R Rear: Sisters Therese O'Rourke (President), Katherine O’Neil, Marie Estelle Gavel, Linda Anne Greenberg, Elizabeth Pearson, Angelique Vannicola, Rose Marie Mozzachio, Margaret Mary Caulson  Not pictured: Sisters Marie C. Moore and Mary Luke Zaleski