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To CARE with the IHMs, click on "donate now" or click here.

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Contribute Aid Recurrently through Electronic Transfer

Join with other IHM supporters who CARE with the IHMs by enhancing the impact of your gifts today. The transformation is easy and the impact is significant!

To CARE with the IHMs, click on "donate now" or click here. Then, complete the secure online giving form or call 570-346-5431 to sign-up over the phone.

Donors who CARE with the IHMs receive one year-end letter and gift accounting summary each January. Your recurring gift enables the IHM Sisters to better serve the needs of others by reducing administrative costs (paper, postage, labor) which allows for further funding to help those in need.

Prayer Partners!
Each I CARE supporter and their family will be specifically prayed for by one of nearly twenty IHM sister volunteers. Once a sister has been identified, some details about her will be shared and a new “Prayer Partner” is formed. Anonymity is certainly available should you prefer this option.

The convenience of non-hassle recurring gifts comes with flexible withdrawal options so that a recurring gift to the IHMs can align with your personal preference – choose from monthly or quarterly giving on either the 1st or the 15th. You may change your recurring gift options at any time.

IHM Direct has been re-envisioned as “I CARE”. Email or call 570-346-5431 with any questions.


BubserNewConnectionPictureQuestions? Contact:
Sister Ann Monica Bubser
IHM -Development Director
Phone: 570-346-5431