Christmas Reflection - Sr. Jean


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Dear Friend,

As we celebrate this season of Advent, we hope you enjoy reading about Sister Jean – and that her story shows how your Christmas gifts make a true impact.

Sister Jean continues to dedicate her life to serving others. She was an elementary school teacher in 1951, became a high school teacher in the 1980s, and then transitioned her ministry to parish life, even serving in British Columbia for six years. Sister Jean also served as a librarian for Sacred Heart School in Carbondale in early 2000.

During the 2012 Christmas season, Sister Jean was in her seventh year of ministry as the secretary of the IHM Educational Enrichment Institute (EEI). Within the year she fell twice, injuring her hip and shoulder.

As she recovered, she used a motorized wheelchair to move around the EEI facility. During this time, she was often visited by EEI students and families who wished her well and prayed for a fast recovery.

In her 65th year of faithful IHM service, Sister Jean came to realize that it was now time to move to the Pascucci Family, Our Lady of Peace Residence (OLP) in Scranton.

Today she receives staff assistance in the morning and relies on her walker throughout the day. She attends physical therapy weekly. Despite her limited mobility, she still serves through her prayer ministry – and participates in clothing and food drives, as well as a Christmas toy collection. She also serves as a lector at daily Mass.

Sister Jean feels blessed by the compassionate care she receives from OLP staff, aides and friends. The services and support available to her – her walker, physical therapy, medicines and much more – are made possible through the generosity of friends like you.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you now. Will you please consider making a Christmas gift today of $25 or more to the IHM Retirement Fund? Your support will help us meet the increasing challenges to provide the compassionate care that Sister Jean – and all our dear retired sisters – truly deserve.  

Sister Jean’s joyful, loving service to others continues to be an inspiration to all of us.  

This Christmas Sister Jean is looking forward to reconnecting with her grandniece who lives in Florida, and praying for those close to her – such as her dear friends, Rosemary and Mary, whom she met through her EEI ministry.

During this blessed Christmas season, please share any of your special intentions with us. Send your requests to the IHM Center, and if you are able, your gift of support for our retired sisters. We hope you will take comfort in knowing that Sister Jean and our sisters are praying for you and the needs that are closest to your heart.

As we experience all the joys of this holy season, I pray you will take a moment to reflect on Sister Jean’s life of faithful service and send your support. We feel blessed by your caring friendship.

May the joy of the first Christmas brighten your world today and into the New Year.

Many blessings,

Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM            Sister Ann Monica Bubser, IHM
President                                         Director of Development

P.S. Your gift – whatever the amount – will provide our dear sisters with the essential services that enhance their quality of life. Please make a gift today. Thank you!

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Thank You for Your Support!

Your Christmas gift continues to provide for the many needs of our dear retired sisters. Such necessities include, but are not limited to resident items such as beds, mattresses, appliances including washers, dryers, and monitors, and special recliners or chair lifts. Your gift also helps to ensure the ongoing safety and security of our dear sisters and our staff who provide sisters with the compassionate care they deserve. You help to provide for necessary system upgrades and facility repairs that effect the daily lives of our sisters - many of whom are still actively ministering! Thank you and God bless you.