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Election Services

Election ServicesThis is a consultative service in which we manage the mechanics of your elections. Our computerized process, designed for the way religious congregations conduct their elections, will be customized to your particular requirements. The process works equally well in ritual/chapel or meeting settings. It is fully compliant with the requirements of Canon law and will be customized to your Congregational requirements.

We use your existing hardware (e.g. Laptops borrowed from members). No additional software will be installed on these computers. We create our own wireless network, so you do not need network access in the voting area.

We provide online video training for your members and online practice ballots in advance of the election. We train your tellers assist the voting process and administer the election. We manage all the technical issues.

As an add-on service we can provide online biographical profiles of nominees.

Voters View

Vote from Nominee List

The inital ballot is based on your nominee list. A prominent button gives access to the list of all eligible members. The vote is cast from either ballot.


Each chapter member receives a card with a PIN to use to open each ballot.

Vote from Eligibility List

The chapter member can vote from the entire list of eligible members or can filter this ballot according the the first letter of the last names. A prominient button returns to the list of nominees. The vote is cast from either ballot.

Online Biographical Profiles

An add-on service.

Confirmation Screens

After the vote is cast, a confirmation screen displays the name being recorded. Upon confirmation, a screen confirms that the vote has been cast

Four Simple Instructions

A simple, straightforward process.


Administration Panel

A secure administration panel allows you to control the office and ballot number. Any number of offices and ballots can be accomodated. Dependencies are also accomodated, for example, a vice president elected from among council members.

Display the Count

Display the count of votes cast to assure a valid balloting.

Display/Print the Results

Display the names and number of votes received. If the number meets your requirement for election, a checkbox appears to record the election. The name is removed from other offices and dependent ballots are built (e.g., vice president elected from among council members).

Voting in Process

A Teller Assists

Sisters Voting

Voting Administration

Sisters Voting

The View from the Pew


Kathleen Burns, IHM