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Conference Registration Services

Conference Registration ServicesOur fully customizable service will help you to register and manage attendee information for small- or large-scale meetings.

Our Basic Service provides a customized registration form and on-demand reports of event information like attendance, meals and housing requests, as well as registration information download suitable for use with spreadsheet and database software to allow you to generate name tags, lists and reports.

Our Premium Service, in addition to the basic services described above, provides modules for housing assignments with/without roommates, assignment to meal seatings, assignments for small group discussion, transportation need tracking, memorabilia orders, name tag/registration ticket design, on-demand lists for planning and implementation.

As an Add-On Service, we will develop (or help you develop) a third-party mobile app, including conference information, schedule, attendee lists, crowd pics, and more.

Streamline the Registration Process

Break-apart name tags/regisration tickets provide participants with the information they need: housing assignments, meal seatings, small group, pre-conference orders, etc. Customized lists help organize registration staff.

Small Group & Meal Seating Assignments

Assign participants to small groups for discussion balanced by selected metrics. If needed, assign meal seatings.

Real-Time Data for Planning

Have access to registration information in real time. Be aware of trends as they develop. Adjust your plans based on actual data.

Custom Registration Form

We design a form that meets your particular needs. Besides basic contact information you might include attendance information, meal information, housing requests, airport pickup information, t-shirt or other memorabilia orders, etc. Registrants receive e-mailed confirmation and, if desired, can log in to view and edit their registrations through a cut-off date and can view a "who is coming" page.

On-Demand Information

Customized administration panels allow you to view current registration information to assist you in planning your event. View, edit and delete individual registrations. Use statisical panels to monitor vital information. Match up roommates and assign housing. Track payments, and more

Name Tags, Tickets and Lists

Customized name tags, tear-off registration tickets, meal requests with related comments, houing lists, memorabilia order totals, and more.

Optional Mobile App

Choose your color, add your logo.


Look up who is here and where they are staying.


Keep the program at your fingertips.

Crowd Pics

Real-time picture sharing by participants.

Information Pages and More

News feed, information pages, video collections, etc.


Kathleen Burns, IHM