Our Lady of Peace Residence


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The Pascucci Family Our Lady of Peace Residence (OLP) is a patient-centered care facility serving the elderly and infirm Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Scranton, PA. Built in 2006, the 130,000 square foot residence houses 100 IHM Sisters in 12 communities. “Main Street” at OLP offers residents a gift shop (Heartworks), a café (Bistro), and a beauty salon. Heartworks and the Bistro are open to the public. A LIFE Geisinger program is also located at OLP and offers specialized services to help seniors live independently. The care of our elderly and infirm Sisters is a top priority for the IHM Congregation. Our Sisters have given their lives in service of the Church and community. With grateful hearts we thank our benefactors and friends who’ve so generously supported the congregation in its care of our elderly members.