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Private Retreats in Danville at the Hermitage/Farmhouse

Location: Danville

Private Retreats in Danville at the Hermitage/Farmhouse

Experience the quiet of The Hermitage or as we familiarly call it The Farm House which is located 1 mile from St. Cyril’s Spiritual Center at 515 Schoolhouse Road and is at the edge of the Meadows’ 100 home retirement complex.

The Farmhouse sleeps 3 comfortably and offers a very quiet, and peaceful, atmosphere in a contemplative setting of solitude in this sacred space. The availability of having the Eucharist at the Hermitage can make the 1st floor prayer room into a chapel for the week of retreat. There are 2 enclosed sun porches, along with an outdoor front porch facing the farm field. The 1st floor has its own fully equipped kitchen if you wish to make your own meals, or you may have meals at St. Cyril’s for an “extra charge”. There is a dining room, library, prayer room, and a bathroom on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor there is a large comfortable sitting room and a common bath along with 3 individual bedrooms. There are opportunities for daily Liturgies at various times at Maria Joseph Manor, Emmanuel, or the Maria Hall buildings. There are resources available to focus your self-directed, private retreat in books, audio/video tapes, & DVDs for your use during retreat.

Reservation dates must be requested and confirmed for the use of the Hermitage/Farmhouse in advance by calling Sr. Jean Marie at 570-275-0910. The Offering for Religious is $25.00 per night.

Go to and click “current events” to get to an online flyer to view the Hermitage/Farmhouse.

Retreat Locations

IHM Center

2300 Adams Ave, Scranton PA
Contact: Sister Jean Louise Bachetti, IHM

Our Lady of Grace Center

29 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset NY
Contact: Sister Ann Barbara DeSiano, IHM

Saint Cyril Spiritual Center

Villa Sacred Heart
580 Railroad Street, Danville PA
Contact: Sister Jean Marie Holup, SSCM
570-275-0910  "Current Events"