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Lessons from Life

More than 200 IHM Sisters and friends share Lessons from Life, Reflections for Busy People.
The artwork of Sister Elizabeth Mary Wallace, IHM, is featured throughout the book.

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Sample story:


Some years ago a former student, who had just graduated from a local community college, dropped by to ask me for a picture of the Little Flower of Jesus, our school patron.  The request didn’t seem unusual at first but when he told me that he wanted it to be imprinted, as a five inch tattoo, on his inner left forearm, I couldn’t believe my ears!  After I regained my inner composure, I agreed.  He came back several years later and there Therese was, in all her saintly splendor, on his forearm.  By this time he was playing in a well- known rock band and he took Therese with him to every gig.

Since that day, I have often reflected on this encounter. The young man had a challenging home life and his happiest hours were, no doubt, spent in school. I believe that he wanted to enshrine that memory by keeping the Little Flower, whom he came to know and love while here, close to him.  
Daily I pray the Miraculous Prayer to St. Therese of Lisieux.  

In the last line, I promise to “…fulfill her plea to be made known everywhere and to continue to lead others to Jesus through her.”  In hindsight, this experience has taught me that while I would never have chosen to lead another to Jesus through the medium of a tattoo, God and Therese had another idea.  I need to continue to be open to the instruments that God chooses to break through into ordinary human experience even if they are amazing or unusual if I am to nourish God in others.

Sister Mary Ann Adams, IHM

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