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Window Dedicated to IHM Sisters

Several families of the Little Flower School community honored our IHM Sisters at a reception on Friday, June 17, 2016. At this time, in the main entrance of the school, a beautiful stained glass window was unveiled and blessed as a loving tribute to the IHM presence at Little Flower Parish since 1953. The Sisters selected the design and it was beautifully created by Baut Studios of Swoyersville, PA. This is the same studio that did the stained glass windows for the IHM Center Chapel. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered for the pas­tor, Monsignor Peter Vaghi, and these generous parents who have honored in this beautiful way every IHM Sister who has ever served at Little Flower and the entire IHM Congregation.


Pictured above: Mrs. Alex LaFrankie, Sister Rachel Terry, Mrs. Susie Canton, Sister Rosemaron Rynn, Monsi­gnor Peter J. Vaghi, Sister Ritamary Mayan, Sister St. Henry Haiss, and Sister Madonna Marie Lenikus.