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Learn about the Sisters of the IHM and their journey to becoming part of the Congregation. Learn what they're known for, their interests, accomplishments, and advice.

A Day in the Life of an IHM Sister

IHM sisters commit themselves to a lifestyle that is multifaceted. While we engage in active ministries in a number of fields, this is only a segment of our lives. Our days also involve time for solitude with God, individual and communal prayer, enjoyment of others, ongoing education, personal development and activities that keep us healthy.

Spiritual Reflections

Read these Spiritual Reflections by the IHM Sisters and Friends.

Remembering an IHM Sister

Share a memory or story about an IHM sister, or read stories that others have shared.

IHM Milestones

First Professions, Final Professions, Receptions, Incorporations, and more can be found here. You can also read Vocation Stories.

Heartworks Gift Boutique

Visit our Gift Boutique, located just inside the main entrance of the Lady of Peace Residence. Here you can purchase items all handmade by the IHM sisters.

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