Member Experiences

Sr. Grace Campbell
“I came that you may have life —God’s intimate love— and have it to the fullest.”

Sr. Eileen Egan
I absolutely love our Sicuani mission in the Southern Andes of Peru

Sr. Fran Fasolka
Women – check out religious life and the IHMs – it’s a great life!

Sr. Maria Goretti Timperio
"I can do all things in Him who strengthens me."

Sr. Janet Jeffers
Life is not a journey we take by ourselves

Sr. M. Ancilla Maloney
I think I am known for striking out into the deep on new experiences in ministering to the poor.

Sr. John Michele Southwick
How does one explain CALL?

Sr. Loretta Mulry
“Answering the Call”

Sr. Judy O’Brien
My family and my Congregation

Sr. Babette Opferman

Sr. Ann Parker
People need to be encouraged and allowed to have experiences that will bring them closer to God