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Many of our sisters can now be reached online. Check for the name of the sister whom you wish to reach in our E-Mail Directory.

If the name of the person is not there, send a message online to IHMWeb@SistersofIHM.org with your name, address and relation to the person whom you wish to contact and we can forward the information to that sister.

Please remember too that there are three separate IHM Congregations. If you are searching for a sister and discover that she is not an IHM sister in the Scranton congregation, you may want to look for her among the other two communities – Monroe (www.ihmsisters.org) or Immaculata (www.ihmimmaculata.org).

Perhaps you have a story to tell about a Scranton IHM Sister? Visit our Remembering an IHM Sister page and share your story.

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