A Day in the Life


IHM sisters commit themselves to a lifestyle that is multifaceted. While we engage in active ministries in a number of fields, this is only a segment of our lives. Our days also involve time for solitude with God, individual and communal prayer, enjoyment of others, ongoing education, personal development and activities that keep us healthy.

Click on to the stories of these IHM sisters who share how they integrate the varied aspects of their lives by describing a typical day.

Sr. Amanda Del Valle, IHM
Physical Therapist Assistant, Allied Services Rehabilitation Hospital (Scranton, PA)

Sr. Ancilla Maloney, IHM
Pastoral Minister, Sicuani (Peru)

Sr. Lisa Perkowski, IHM
Interim Principal, Academy of the Holy Names (Tampa, FL)

Sr. Mary Ann Lang, IHM
Administrative Assistant for Publications, St. Joseph’s Center (Scranton, PA)