Michael Pascucci

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Reaching Out to Those in Need

Michael Pascucci, Donor
Chairman of WLNY TV and Netrex Capital Group

Michael Pascucci, an accomplished businessman and generous philanthropist, credits the education he received from the IHM Sisters as the catalyst for his success.

“The IHM Sisters gave me a most phenomenal religious foundation and academic education,” he says. “The foundation I received in Catholic grammar school is really what kept me going in college and made me successful.”

Michael attended Bucknell University and went on to earn an MBA from New York University’s School of Business. Soon after, he began his career as a entrepreneur, going on to found several successful businesses, including an auto leasing company, television station and golf course. Throughout his career, he has remained committed to giving back and reaching out to those in need.

“My family and I are motivated by human causes,” says Michael. “We support those in need around the world. Whether it is in your inner nature or your religious upbringing, people help other people.”

With his family, Michael established the Pascucci Family Foundation. Over the years, the family has provided resources to and volunteered for many nonprofits and service organizations, including the Catholic Relief Services. The Pascuccis are often recognized for their philanthropic efforts and, in 2008, they received a Philanthropic Leadership Award from the Hartman Foundation. The family has also given generously to the IHM Sisters, and Michael’s gift helped to establish the Pascucci Family Our Lady of Peace Residence for IHM Sisters.

“The track record of the IHMs is extraordinary,” Michael says on why he’s given back to the Congregation. “They have been nothing but consistent, successful, and dedicated in their mission and in their vocation. That is what really counts and what I base my philanthropic and business decisions on.”