Provide support and empowerment to our teachers, our parents and our students


  • To assist, support and affirm the teachers
  • To build a community where teachers will realize their valuable contribution to the congregation, to their students, parents and to our society
  • To pray and celebrate together
  • To discuss in our faculty meetings ways to care for the Earth as this is a form of participating in God's act of creating and sustaining the world



  • To be an advocate and support to the parents of our students
  • To seek ways to receive financial help for the poor
  • To reach out to all in need of our help
  • To inform parents of the progress of their children
  • To remember our families in prayer
  • To provide ecological information in our mailings



  • To teach children to call on God for assistance
  • To empower our students to actualize their potential
  • To stimulate a healthy curiosity towards learning
  • To enable our students to build self-esteem and confidence
  • To assist students to discover their unique gifts and talents and how they can better our earth by their care of the environment