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IHM Participates in LCWR Collaborative Leadership Development Program

Sister Catherine Sitja y Balbastro recently completed the 18 month Collaborative Leadership Development Program sponsored by LCWR. The graduation ceremony was held in St. Louis, MO, for the 35 sister participants and associates from different religious congregations from several countries. The largest number of non-English speaking participants was from South America. Simultaneous translation was provided for participants. The 360 Circle Profile, a tool used to help leaders gain deeper insight into their behavior and what is driving it, was given to the participants who were divided into groups of 6. Groups met every month to share on articles, videos, as well as their religious life experiences. The groups met all together 3 times for a week each time. Sister Katie remarked that, "We got to know each other, we learned from each other, and we encouraged and supported each other in our sharing.  Personally, for me the best part of the program was the 360 Circle Profile. Learning about myself and also learning about myself from my supervisors, friends, co-workers, and those I supervised—made all the difference in my program experience. It was very helpful for me to learn about my reactions and creative gifts and to be aware of what I need to keep working on and what I need to embrace about myself in order to become who I am called to be. I also realize that there is no way I can move on and grow deeper if I do not face what challenges me and makes me afraid. I recognize that I need to hold on to my gifts, joys, and my vision for the future. Once I face the challenges, become aware of my attitudes, the defense mechanisms I use, and simply recognize my preferences as well as my need to be safe and comfortable, there is no turning back.


Sister Katie noted that she's hopeful for the future: "We cannot stay where we were before. We need to move forward by facing the challenges that may come and by learning to ask for support from others. It is by collaboration and sharing that we will move into the future, but this needs to be done with honesty by looking deeply inside for who we are and who we want to be, and moving from just taking action to taking action rooted in contemplation.”


LCWR Collaborative Leadership Dev ProgPictured L-R Susan Leslie, OP, Teresita Richards, SND, Laura Coughlin, SC, Katie Sitja y Balbastro, IHM, Kate Hine, SND, and Rice Dimalibot, CCVI