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From Limestone to Granite

by Jo Ann Trama, IHM

I know I am not the only one who has walked Marywood University's beautiful campus to come upon the original statue of the Sacred Heart by the Science Building. The original statue was made of limestone and has, over the years, deteriorated. The time had come to honor that statue with an equally beautiful one for our campus.

I was not sure how to accomplish this and someone suggested I make an appointment with Wendy Yankelitis, director of buildings and grounds at Marywood. I met with Wendy several times but it was not until I had become a recipient of an inheritance from my Aunt Marie Shuluk's Trust that I knew I was in a position to honor her. Wendy connected me with Christina Mace, senior director of development at Marywood University, and John Pesavento of Pesavento Monuments in Scranton.

My niece, Joni Younkins-Herzog, a sculptor, was another contributor to the information needed to bring this project to life. Joni suggested granite or marble for the new statue and proposed that the Sacred Heart should face the traffic coming north through the campus. Joni suggested various colors of granite. I walked though some cemeteries and John Pesavento directed me to statues of granite. John also provided some options for the design of the statue. We all looked at the various suggestions of granite colors and designs and finally agreed upon the type of granite to be used in sculpting the new statue. I believe my Aunt Marie would be very happy with this strong yet beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart to whom she had great devotion.