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Two Scranton IHMs and a Young Adult Attend NRVC Workshop

From June 10-13, 2016, NRVC sponsored a work-shop in Notre Dame; Indiana called "Share the Sacred," which kicked off an ongoing project of young adults serving as vocation ambassadors around the country. Twelve religious communities prepared a young adult to serve as a spokesperson for their communities and for religious life in general. The communities attended in teams of three: young adult ambassador, communications professional, and vocation director. Participants learned communications strategies and tactics, and each team devised its own project for sending forth vocation ambassadors to promote religious life. In addition to commissioning ambassadors, the workshop helped vocation directors and communications professionals to better plan and work together.

NRVC Workshop Attendees 2016

Attending for the IHM Congregation and pictured above were Sisters Mindy Welding and Fran Fasolka and Shannon Kowalski. Shannon came to know the IHM Sisters through her work in the diocese with Sister Mindy, Sister Kathy Kurdziel, and Father Don Williams.