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IHM Technology Present at LCWR Conference

Sister Kathleen Burns attended the recent LCWR Assembly in Atlanta as an exhibitor for Sisters of IHM Technology Consultants. This "side ministry" is led by Kathleen, but also calls upon the technical expertise of other sisters as needed (for example, Sisters Grace Surdovel and Fran Fasolka) to offer technical services the IHM Sisters have enjoyed to other communities and allied non-profit organizations.


At LCWR, Kathleen spoke to many sisters about how their communities might benefit from self-publishing both eBooks and print-on-demand books—both for sale and for private distribution. She offered examples of the many books that our congregation has published in this manner and spoke of the cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the process.

Some of the sisters at LCWR were interested in learning more about using collaborative technologies such as Zoom and Skype. Others were interested in the voting system the IHM Congregation has used for its last three elections. Other interests included ways that communities that are merging can combine archives and similar systems.

Some projects taken on as a result of past exhibits at LCWR: redesign and ongoing maintenance of Monroe IHM's Visitation North Spirituality Center website (, development of a strategic plan for website (with a pending bid to implement the plan and take on the ongoing maintenance of the site and related social media), two eBooks formatted,and plans for creating an store for a sister artist.

To learn more about Sisters of IHM Technology Consultants, go to www.sistersofihm/tech