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Healing Racism Committee Meets to Plan

The Healing Racism Committee met in Monroe to begin plans for another Navigating the Shifts: Listening to the Signs of the Times. The work-shop will be held July 16-19, 2016 at Mount Providence, Baltimore, and will delve into questions raised by Laudato Si regarding the racism present in U.S. culture. The experience will include a trip to the new African American Museum at the Smithsonian.

Healing Racism Committee

Pictured above, in front of the Wright Museum in Detroit are Alice Baker (M), Margaret Alandt (M Leadership), Jane Snyder (S), Joyce Bell (I), Patricia McCloskey (M Leader-ship), Donna Korba (S), Kathleen Burns (S), Lauretta Linsalata (I), Rebecca Vanderhaar (M), and Julia Appolonia (OSP).