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IHM Sister Conducts Online Workshops for HESA Students

On May 5 and 12, 2017, Sister Kathleen Burns met via Webex with students in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia as a part of their reflective learning workshops following their first year of studies in ASEC's Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA) program. These sisters were the fifth cohort trained by Sisters Margaret Gannon and Kathleen to take online courses from Marywood University faculty members. This workshop was a follow-up to their July 2016 orientation. Sister Kathleen met with them to obtain feedback regarding their experiences with their program.

The sisters gathered with other HESA students at centers in the three countries to receive additional training from local mentors and to prepare to continue their studies at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA). Nearly one hundred sisters have received orientation and coursework through Marywood's participation in this program. A sixth cohort of eighteen sisters will begin in July.

Marywood University is joined by Chest-nut Hill and Rosemont Colleges in providing this kind of online training to jumpstart sisters towards their degrees at partner universities in Africa. The HESA program also provides direct scholarships to sisters attending certificate and degree programs in partner institutions in Africa. In total, ASEC welcomed 260 sisters to HESA in 2016-2017. The sisters entered bachelor’s degree (156), college diploma (54) and master’s degree (50) programs at 22 college and university partners in 10 countries, joining 216 enrolled students and 56 alumnae.

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ASEC - Workshops for HESA StudentsWorkshop participants in Kampala, Uganda