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New Book on IHM History Published

The newly published IHM Congregation history from 1974-1994 covers the administrations of Sisters Anne Fulwiler, Michel Keenan, and Redempta Sweeney. This work follows the prior volume published in 2005 covering our history from 1919-1974.

The book attempts to capture the impact of the events in the world during those times, and especially the influence of Vatican II on the decisions for ministry and religious life in our congregation. Serious changes in religious life were not easy; readers will learn of the challenges to administrators and to individual sisters during these times.

As we all engage in charting the future for this great congregation, knowledge of its past can be used wisely in creating a vision which carries on the original dream and recreates it for a new time with new challenges and unknown possibilities.

It is a privilege for me to engage in the writing of IHM history.

And with this work completed, Sister Michel has started researching the history of St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nursing School and Convent.

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Place orders ($15.00 each plus shipping) with Sister Mary Helen Slavinskas at IHM Heartworks at 570-330-8645 or