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New Appointments at the IHM Center Announced

Dear Sisters, Within the past few months Sister Mary Mark Lowery and Sister Bernadette
Zaytoun resigned from their very important positions at the IHM Center. The Leadership Team wants to thank both of these sisters for their selfless service to the congregation and to the residents of the IHM Center.

I am very pleased to announce that Sister Ann Marie Lynott will serve as the Director of the IHM Center and Resident Services. Sister Ann Marie is working with Sister Mary Mark throughout the last weeks of December and will begin her new ministry in January. Sister Mary Mark will continue to live at the IHM Center and will minister as a visitor to IHM sisters at OLP Residence.

Beginning in March, Sister Anne Mary Boslett will begin her new ministry as IHM Center Events Coordinator.

I know that you join me in welcoming these two sisters who responded with a generous “yes” to our very important requests. It is our hope that their time spent in these ministries will be blessing-filled.

Gratefully, Sister Terry and the Leadership Team