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Mercy Changes Everything

The wonderful relationship between the Sisters of St. Casimir, the IHM Sisters, and the SSCM Sisters was very evident at the Tri-Community Gathering held on October 7-9 in Danville, PA. You could feel the excitement as the sisters arrived at the registration desk
and were warmly greeted by everyone! It was a great beginning.

The opening prayer took place after supper and nestled within the prayer was a greeting from each congregation—all different, all beautiful. On Saturday and Sunday Sister Catherine Nerney, SSJ, Director of the Institute of Forgiveness and
Reconciliation at Chestnut Hill College, took the group through beautiful reflections on our theme: Mercy Changes Everything. Prayer, reflection and rich discussions followed each presentation. Everyone was grateful for Sister Catherine’s insights and presentation!

The Tri-Community Gathering also had some time for fun and games. The social on the first night was filled with great food, much fun, and heart-warming laughter, and prizes!

On Saturday afternoon, sisters had a choice of relaxing at Villa Sacred Heart, or going to Knoebels for the Covered Bridge Craft Fair. The rain stopped just long enough for a few rides, good food, and crafts, crafts, crafts.

On Sunday, after a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings, the sisters had the option of taking a ride down the Susquehanna on the paddle boat Hiawatha.

Liturgy was celebrated in the Basilica on Saturdaywith Father James Lease who is Pastor of St. Joseph Church in Danville, and Sunday, with Father Martin Moran who is Pastor of Holy Redeemer Parish in Mt. Carmel, PA. During the time of the Preparation
of the Gifts at the Sunday Liturgy a collection was taken up for Catholic Relief Services. Each Congregation gave a donation and individual Sisters were also asked to make a contribution. It was a fitting time to pour out compassion on those who suffered the
devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

All departed on Sunday with a great sense of gratitude for our common heritage and deepening sisterhood.

by Sister Barbara Sable, SSCM

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